Friday, January 2, 2015

You Are Nine

Last year I read a post from Katrina Kennedy she wrote about her son turning 8.  loved it! I wanted to do something sort of like it.  I am late since his birthday was Christmas Day. I still wanted to share it with you.  I plan on printing this out and saving it for him.  I hope you like it and enjoy.    

 Today you are nine years old! Wow! That tiny bundle of joy that God gave Bobby and I the greatest job of ever having, is now nine years old.  You have been a blessing to us.  I could not imagine a life without you. 

Right now you are still a little shy.

You are funny and silly.

You have a kind heart and I love this most about you.

You will, out of the blue, tell us that you love us.

You think macorroni and cheese is a vegetable.

You are good at spelling and math like your Dad.

You hold my hand on the way to school.

You love karate.

You love the claw machines at stores and will get whatever stuffed animal you can get.

You are a home body. 

You are impatience.

You don't like the beach and would rather be in the pool.

You like to ride in boats.

You love to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese puffs, and pizza. 

You are the tallest one in your class.

You still love to snuggle.

You hate to dress up for Halloween.

You love to watch movies.

You love Transformers.

You are at the age right now where you think you know everything.

You are brave.

You are loved.

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